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How to avoid common caravan scams when buying second hand
Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a caravan, don’t fall foul of pesky fraudsters.

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Best practise for buying a second-hand caravan

  • No matter where you are planning to buy from, always have a HPI CRiS check done before committing to a purchase or signing a contract. This will enable you to verify the history of the caravan and verify the owner’s details. It also prevents any nasty surprises, such as outstanding finance.
  • It is generally best to buy from a dealer, as this means you will get a warranty and can be confident in the history and condition of the caravan. It is also far less likely that you will end up with an unsafe van. The availability of finance options is another major advantage to buying from a dealership, rather than through a private sale.
  • If you do opt for a private seller, remember to be particularly scrupulous when carrying out your checks.
  • Once you buy your new caravan, register it with CRiS immediately as this will make it much easier to recover should your van be targeted.

Buying online? Watch out for these scams

  • Advertising a high-spec, top of the range caravan at a bargain price. When the potential buyer calls the seller to enquire further, they are told it is in fantastic condition and, as such, has generated a lot of interest. The seller asks for a deposit to secure the caravan. Need we say that the caravan doesn’t actually exist?
  • The seller of a similarly amazingly priced caravan claims to be out of town and unable to meet up but, handily, the advertising website offers a middle-man service. You receive a very believable invoice bearing the logo of the website… and pay for a caravan that, once more, doesn’t exist. No caravan dealers that buy and sell or similar websites actually offer this service.
  • There are a number of variations on the above two examples, including a seller asking for a Moneygram or Western Union transfer, asking for an up-front payment as they have had enough of time-wasters, selling via online auction sites and mysteriously deleting the listing once the payment has been made or similar. In short, never hand over money for a caravan you haven’t seen and always remember that things that seem too good to be true probably are!
  • Never follow a link in an email. If a seller asks you to visit a listing on a particular site, always access the site by manually typing the URL into your browser. Don’t leave yourself open to becoming the next victim of a phishing scam.
  • Keep an eye on your bank account at all times. Whether you have made a payment for a caravan online or just shopped online in general, it’s important to be aware of any unrecognised transactions. The sooner you notice the problem, the more chance there is of it being sorted out.

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Caravan Storage Devon
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